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Resolve Your Divorce on Your Terms

Save thousands of dollars and a year of your life by learning how to end your marriage on your terms in 1 day! No attorneys and no trial needed!
Work with a family law expert with over a decade of experience to help you and your partner resolve your divorce.

Top Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

Save More than $40k

Mediation can reduce the average cost of divorce by more than 90%, which can be greater than $40,000.

Keep Everything Private

Divorce trials can be messy and nasty. Mediation keeps everything private and between the two parties.

Save 1 Year of Time

A mediation can be completed in a matter of hours. Hiring attorneys and going to trial can take years. 

Customize Your Solution

Mediated solutions can be fully customized to fit any unique circumstance your family requires.

Preserve Relationships

Mediation provides a quick and team-driven solution that helps preserve important relationships.

Protect Your Children

Save your children from having to go through the litigation process, including meeting with a judge.

1-1 Consultation With the Founder of The 1 Day Divorce

Learn from the best with a 1-1 consultation with the founder of The 1 Day Divorce method, Lauren Smith. In this 30 minute call, Lauren saves most clients thousands of dollars by explaining how mediation can completely replace the outdated litigation process.

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