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Why Mediation is Better Than Divorce Litigation

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Save Money, Time, and Sanity, while Preserving Your Peace of Mind

When most couples think of divorce, an image of attorneys fighting, a long and contentious trial, and lots of money spent usually appears. This traditional, litigated divorce process is expensive, out-dated, and stressful. However, THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY!

Through a mediated settlement using our 1 Day Divorce method, we can save you more than $40k over a trial, save you more than a year of time, and customize a settlement to fit your family's needs.

In the following sections, we highlight the 4 major reasons why mediation is better than a long, painful, and expensive divorce trial.

Save Money

Hiring attorneys and going to trial costs couples an average of $45,000 in attorney’s fees alone. With The 1 Day Divorce method, our clients spend an average of $2,400 with us per couple ($1,200 each). Preserve your hard-earned assets rather than handing tens of thousands over to attorneys.

Save Time

Today's litigation process can take months, if not years to complete, with the average case taking 12 – 18 months! Generally, as you near the end of the litigation process, the Judge will order a mediation. You then pay your attorney AND the mediator…why not start with mediation, and get a year of your life back!

Mediation can be completed in only 1 day and since it is a remote process, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Litigation will put your life on hold for a year plus. You will be dragged through attorney meetings, discovery, trials, and more. Mediation removes all of these hurdles!

Save Sanity

Divorces, even without kids, don't just affect the couple. Trials are messy, contentious, and clumsy affairs that often lead to permanently damaged relationships.

Mediations are private, fast, and give you more control over the process. More parents report a better co-parenting relationship with their ex-spouse by 2-1 in mediation over divorce trial.

Peace of Mind

When you work with our team at The 1 Day Divorce, you can sleep easy knowing that you have created a plan with an expert who has more than a decade of experience with Settlement Agreements and Parenting Plans.

Our team also includes a financial specialist who you can hire to consult with you on more complex asset division, or you are welcome to include your own CPA or financial planner in the mediation process.

Final Thoughts

Divorce can be a challenging, expensive, and long process. Through the use of mediation, Lauren Smith and The 1 Day Divorce team can save you tens of thousands of dollars and a year of your life. This process helps preserve long-term relationships and lets you move forward with your life.

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